where can i find a 3 point hitch for a farmall H model tractor new or used or after market?

im looking for a 3 point hitch for my farmall H tractor used or new or even after market. please email me if you know.

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4 Responses to “where can i find a 3 point hitch for a farmall H model tractor new or used or after market?”

  1. running_with_scissors55 Says:

    Try Billy Bob’s Tractor and Beauty Supply over on route 12.

    They have everything.

  2. jerry fitzgerald Says:

    I also am looking for a three point hitch for a 1951 Farmall H. I would like to know where Billy Bob’s tractors are located not knowing where Route 12 is located.

  3. Bill P Says:

    We have (maybe) a Farmall H, 1948, with a 3-point set up. Also has a front scoop, 12-volt conversion. We have had a good bit of theft and I’ll have to check to see if they’ve taken anything from this tractor other than the battery. We’re going to sell this tractor and could sell the 3-pt. set up if it’s still there. What’s your price range & location?
    Bill P.

  4. Daniel Barry Says:

    I have a 3 point hitch that I took off my 1949 Farmall H that I just restored. I put the drawbar on the tractor instead. The 3 point hitch is in perfect working order and is freshly sandblasted primed and painted ready to bolt on and use. I want $850 for it. I am in MD and could deliver depending on the distance. I also have a 6 foot yard rake($300) a 5 foot box scraper ($400), a 6 foot blade ($250) and a post hole digger/auger($350) ready to use with the 3 point hitch, all are in new condition. Make me an offer on all of the above.