What doomed 6 volt systems to the tractor in the barn on my farm?

Why is good old 6 volt obselete? I got a1953 Farmall Super C with a fast hitch that is 6 volt. What wiould it take to convert it? New gauges, New Alternator, New Starter? I am going to rewire it anyway.
Last guy to work on it didnt know **** about tractor wiring. He covered his "new" wiring with a god **** Innertube from another tractor!
I know it is a generator you dope. Generators dont have a built in voltage regulator.
Always wanted a 8N ford. I have a 800 powermaster. That thing has ran for years and is the most reliable thing in history. People say Ford tractors are bad, SCREW THEM! The ford is the best tractor in history. This one need a new exhaust and engine rebuild. It has even caught on fire and is still going. It was converted to 12 volt before my grandpa bought it.

Mr. Ford had a **** good idea.

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6 Responses to “What doomed 6 volt systems to the tractor in the barn on my farm?”

  1. mobile auto repair (mr fix it) Says:

    if you want to switch it buy a internal regulated gm alternator it uses a light the amp gauge will still read amps it doesnt matter about the volts wire the head lights in series and the starter will be fine it wont hurt it swap the coil with one from a pre 71 chev truck the points will be fine
    as there isnt any thing else on it that is electric you should be ok
    to wire the alternator run the main wire from the batt to the alt post run a wire from the post to the furthest small conector
    run i wire from the ignition on through a light bulb and to the other terminal on the alterneator

  2. BFH Says:

    Why not use the system that’s in it? Seems stupid to upgrade the system just to "retire" it.

  3. organbuilder272 Says:

    You don’t really need to change it from 6 to 12 volt. Changing all the guages, lights, GENERATOR – no alternators in 1953, and starter will be expensive.

    Rewiring will not be too bad if you are careful. Use color codes for the various circuits. Ignition is violet, lights are blue. Pluss feeds to key are red and from that to the fuses, Orange. The rest is up to you.

  4. Pedro S Says:

    same reason it went from 6 to 12 in cars [and will soon go to 24 or 36] new tractors/cars use more electricity… i had an 8 N ford…worked great with 6 volts….

  5. mycoldfeet Says:

    I used to work at a golf course and had a 6v tractor to pull the blades, I changed to 12 v in a day,stayed with original wiring and body ground.

  6. Toyota Aristo Says:

    smart post. I have always enjoyed automobiles. look forward to another article