Trixys Tractor

Trixy driving his tractor, a 1943 Farmall A … trixy farmall tractor

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5 Responses to “Trixys Tractor”

  1. mossoak3 Says:

    It was a easy mistake, good restoration.

  2. 53superm Says:

    Easy mistake to make. Great looking tractor either way.

  3. RiggerStarz Says:

    sorry dude, my bad, you’re right its not 1954, its a 1943 model, oooops, i put up the wrong year, thanks for your comment !!!!!

  4. 53superm Says:

    I don’t mean to be critical. Maybe you already know the specs on this tractor.

  5. 53superm Says:

    Are you sure that’s a 1954 model “A”? 1947 was the last year for the “A”. The “A” was then replaced by the “super A”, which was in production until 1954. That tractor appears to be a “straight A” which would make it a 1947 or earlier model. If it is a late 1947 or newer, it’s a “super A”. You may wanna check the serial number. Either the stickers are wrong, or the year is off.