Tractor Pull Engine Explosion

Larry Parish’s “Fearless Farmall” tractor had a motor blow to pieces at Sommerville TN. The block split, and there were pieces all over the track. Check out for more. … tractor pull explosion block motor fearless farmall

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27 Responses to “Tractor Pull Engine Explosion”

  1. lilmuddlizard Says:

    typical IH

  2. fredski53 Says:

    can you say GO OR BLOW???

  3. steemy2 Says:

    just grease ‘er up and drive away…

  4. stevesprinceofsteaks Says:

    Big Ouch! But get off the JD Green and that’s what happens. lol

  5. CapnHowdee Says:

    how upsetting would thata been

  6. Delboy001647363 Says:

    Oil change, a shot of redex and she’ll be right as rain…

  7. MXblaster105 Says:

    Now THAT is catastrophic failure

  8. vetteburna Says:

    are kidding me??

  9. RustedBovine Says:

    Piston opened the damn hood! 😀
    Listen to that turbo scream! My god that thing must’ve been doing some rediculous revs…

  10. pBBeN Says:

    one piston went thrue the roof 😀

  11. CircleOfSignfighters Says:

    I love how in tractor pull videos when something blows up the crowd goes nuts.

  12. ambulldogtt Says:

    too much boost hehe it happens

  13. herenow3 Says:


  14. shaunk132 Says:

    The black smoke is just unburnt fuel so infact it is useing less fuel

  15. checkmybigboobs Says:

    what do you do for a living? sniff diesel fumes?

  16. 2wellhung2 Says:

    She’s fucked

  17. shaunk132 Says:

    do you even read….global warming is just a scam to make money

  18. kflman Says:

    rotten case shit!!

  19. 123zxcvbnmlp Says:

    Damn the block split, wow someone is going to spend LOTS of money

  20. patio6 Says:

    Thats a serious amount of fucken exhaust lol

  21. angodeath Says:

    O pedal a bike harder then that !! lol jk ofcourse. expensive rebuild :( but nice try any ways.

  22. 94rocker1 Says:

    he’s lucky none of the parts from the motor hit him or spectators.

  23. troyluciano12 Says:

    he pops up tha hood ma homie

  24. MrMavrick Says:

    I think it is the turbos you can hear.

  25. LittleAce94 Says:

    This particular one is a diesel. But many do run alcohol.

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