The Farmall 140

Following World War II, manufacturers of farm equipment and machinery in the United States sought ways to industrialize farming processes and retire the use of horses and mules on farms. This brought about the introduction of small tractors in the American agricultural community. One of the most popular small tractors during this time was Farmall 140 tractor, also known as International 140 tractor.

Introduced by International Harvester to the American farming community in 1957, the Farmall 140 belongs to the Hundreds Series of Farmall tractors. The Hundreds series used numbers instead of letters to identify models. Tractors in the Hundreds series essentially had the same design as the tractors in the Letter Series, with slight differences on color and features. Perhaps this is the reason why the Farmall 140 looked very similar to the models A and B from the Letter Series.

The Farmall 140 was similar to the Farmall Cub, A and B models in terms of design and utility. The Farmall140 affords the operation a clear view of the field he was working on because the tractor was offset to the left, while the driver’s seat and steering wheel were a little farther on the right. International harvester called this concept as “CultiVision.”

In the same fashion as the Farmall A and B tractors, the Farmall 140 tractor was also built to handle a single plow. It has a C-123 4-cylinder, gasoline engine and has a horsepower of 21. It also had a sliding-gear 4-speed transmission and one reverse gear. The whole tractor has a height of 83 inches and weights slightly more than 3,000 pounds. Its relative smallness makes the Farmall 140 ideal for plowing in small acreage farms and in gardens. Still, large farms are known to use the Farmall 140 for simple farm operations until know. The Farmall 140 also found application in gardens.

The Farmall 140 is easy to maintain and preserve like the rest of Farmall tractors. Because Farmall tractors are built with durability and simplicity in mind, they do not get damaged in rough conditions. Reasons why they get broken is overuse and normal wear and tear of parts. This is easily addressed since parts are readily available. Even now, there are online stores that sell parts for the Farmall 140.

International Harvester terminated the production of Farmall 140 in 1979. Approximately, 66, 290 units were manufactured and sold in the market. By this time, a unit of the Farmall 140 costs $8,200. Interestingly, the Farmall 140 had one of the longest productions run among International Harvester tractors. It has been reported that this model kept the company on the black.

It can be very expensive for collectors of antique farming equipment to buy a fully-restored and operational Farmall 140 tractor. A unit can fetch a price between $2,000- $4,000 at the moment. Restoring a unit to its old glory can also be quite expensive as the parts are pricey too. Still, you can find bargains on the Internet. Just type in Farmall 140 in your favorite search engine and you will come across a number of advertisements from farmers and collectors selling their units.

8 Responses to “The Farmall 140”

  1. chris Says:

    i have a farmall pony, which i think is the same as the 140. i have all the the farm attachments, but i dont know how thay go on. any info would be great.

  2. M Says:

    I would like to buy a 140 hydraulic pump for a 1966 farmall.

  3. josh Says:

    hydraulic pump? go to: the restoration site

  4. Jerry Says:

    I am looking for a diagram for a farmall 140 steering assembly. I want to rebuid and need to see a diagram of all parts

  5. Andrew Says:

    Any idea where I can find a new or rebuilt 140 transmission or maybe a rebuild kit?

  6. patrick Says:

    The 140s really are bullet proof my father inhertid one from his uncle and we used it for a year or two. then the voltage reg went out and it sat for twelve years. i replaceg the gen with a one wire alt put new fluids in it and just cut and raked 80 acres of hay.

  7. Michael Halsall Says:

    A more complete history of the Farmall 140 is that 140 is the “final evolution” of a tractor that began with the Farmall A in 1939 (113 c.i. engine)
    The Farmall A was replaced by the Farmall SUPER A at the end of 1947
    The Farmall Super A was replaced by the Farmall Super A-1 built only in 1954
    The Super A-1 introduced the 123 c.i. engine
    The HUNDRED SERIES tractors were introduced in 1954 and an updated version of the Super A-1 was called the Farmall 100
    The Farmall 100 was updated again as the Farmall 130 in 1956
    The Farmall 130 was replaced by the Farmall 140 in 1958
    The 140 was styled resemble the larger “40 & 60 Series” Farmalls (240 to 560)
    The 140 was restyled in 1963 with a new grille to resemble the Farmalls 404 & 504
    The INTERNATIONAL name was used for industrial versions of the earlier tractors and the final productions of the 140

  8. Gene Legendre Says:

    Looking to sell 6 volt generator and voltage regulator for a 140 farmall tractor