Super MD 1953

1953 Model International Harvester Farmall MD – starts on gas and runs on diesel – this tractor had been sitting up for some time … Tractor International Harvester Farmall MD

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11 Responses to “Super MD 1953”

  1. KapteinOpel Says:

    Now thats another strange phenomenon.. There is a guy in the neighborhood who only drives Volvos, he has a Volvo jacket, a Volvo cap, and every other sentence that comes from his mouth contains the word Volvo. Then theres another guy, hes just like the first guy only he drives a Mercedes. Like his father before him. Its like a religion to them, strange.. My ol’ mans agri workshop was dealer for IH and Mercedes tractors, and Partner chainsaws, but we repaired all kinds.. So I like some of all.

  2. drglinski Says:

    I was originally saying that I like IH’s design of diesel engines of the time instead of their green competition.

  3. KapteinOpel Says:

    I kinda like intricate constructions from times when they didnt really know just how to do it myself, its really interesting :) There are many inventions from the past that most ppl dont know of today, many of them didnt survive or was proved impractical. I think many of them can be used today in modernized form, there are many things we know today that can solve the problems that were present at the day. For example, I think many modern engine constructions wouldnt last long without modern oil.

  4. drglinski Says:

    Right- warm it up on gas and then run it on diesel. I think they are pretty sweet engines and a neat design, but that’s just my opinion. I’m glad we don’t agree- different views makes the world go round. No prob.

  5. KapteinOpel Says:

    Well an engine of this size will be a pretty fucking mean goat to hand crank, and it will anyway be easier to pull start a pony engine of sufficient size. The starting system on this engine is actually more complicated than a one-lung B&S snowblower engine that will be able to start it. The only obvious reason for this system is you warm up the engine first. Russian tractors have integrated pony engines that heats the cooling water so they can be started in very cold weather.

  6. drglinski Says:

    Hand cranking gas/diesel engines isn’t that difficult. With two engines one has to maintain two sets of everything. Perfect solution? Probably not, but they worked, and for the time period, worked pretty well.

  7. KapteinOpel Says:

    I dont agree. A pony motor can be started by hand if the battery is dead, I doubt its just as easy to hand crank this baby. Besides that it doesnt seem very easy to start anyway. You open a valve into a chamber with a spark plug to lower the compression and shunt a carb to the intake. Hardly a perfect solution compared to an engine that was originally designed to run on gas. It also complicates the engine and makes it less reliable.

  8. drglinski Says:

    makes more sense than putting a dumb “pony motor” on a tractor.

  9. OzzInter Says:

    Let it warm up on gasoline properly, then switch across to diesel.
    The “gas start” part of the operation is meant to last at least 30 seconds in hot weather, longer in cold weather

  10. southerncultural Says:

    This is my brother’s tractor. We come from a tractor family. My father has about 50 antiques. Thank you for the info on this one. Brother will be surprised to know what he actually has. This Tractor sat in field for years. You may see this one in a Christmas Parade.

  11. mxy999 Says:

    Hey, that’s not a 1944 MD, it’s a 1953 SUPER MD. A much rarer and more valuable tractor. Nice find!!!