Sugar Threat

Threatening to put Sugar in the tank if the Farmall did not start up correctly…. … “Farmall Tractor Tractors”

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7 Responses to “Sugar Threat”

  1. ptokish Says:

    good one!!, show it whos the boss!!!, lol
    great video,


    Your nicer than I am. I threaten with a cutting torch. If it don’t work might as well sell it to some rich people for a yard ornament!! Haha. Still the one crank wonder.

  3. ChuckE2009 Says:

    That is one sweet sounding tractor!!!


    See, all ya have to do is show em you mean buissness.

  4. Conrail6370 Says:

    Mind sets out all the time, your H should feel lucky it has a place to be in doors. I still think of it as a one crank wonder. Like they say” if it ant Red leave it in the Shed”


  5. vidman008 Says:

    Thanks Len…. Poor Farmall has been OUTSIDE for a couple weeks now…

  6. Conrail6370 Says:

    Your sure have a unsweeten H there, lol.


  7. cubcadetpuller Says:

    you should threaten with bleach in the oil or selling. its worked for me lol