Static Timing a Farmall Cub w/ Magneto Ignition

Many people are mystified by the procedure for timing a magneto ignition on a Farmall Cub. This video is designed to remove some of the “mystique” involved in the timing procedure. Quite frankly it is easier to show it than to describe it in print. I hope that this video helps get you more quickly IN THE SEAT on your tractor where all the fun is!! Check out for some of the most friendly advice EVER…dedicated primarily to the Farmall cub tractor!!…

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4 Responses to “Static Timing a Farmall Cub w/ Magneto Ignition”

  1. jslinko Says:

    thanks man!

  2. wisconsincubman Says:

    I have never seen a 100 with a magneto. Thought that IH had gone completely to Distributors by that point in manfacturing.

    I have little experience with working with the number or letter series tractors. One source for you would be farmallcub (dot) com. There are a bunch of knowledgeable folks over there on all the IH agricultural products…you would love it there!

  3. jslinko Says:

    is this the same for a farmall 100 with magneto

  4. TractorTV Says:

    Nice video guys…