Question about tractors and “live” PTO conversions.?

I have two tractors that I enjoy very much. One is a 1949 Farmall Cub, the other is a 1952 Farmall Super M.

The Cub has a Woods belly mower on it and I use that tractor to mow my lawn, pull trees and wood around, etc…

The Super M is a restoration project and is at my Dad’s farm.

I want to have both of them run with live PTO. That is, when I push the clutch in or stop, the PTO keeps going.

For the Cub, when I get into thick grass I want to be able to slow down and let it keep "chewing".

For the Super M, even though its going to be a show tractor, I want to be able to rake and bale hay with it and our implements are all PTO operated (no wheel operated hay rakes).

So, whats the trick here? Is there a kit? Some parts I need to buy? Or do I just change the setup?

Please tell me the ins and outs of this, and if you have done it, on which tractor and how well does it work?
There is no way I’m going to sell my FARMALLs. They are family heirlooms.

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3 Responses to “Question about tractors and “live” PTO conversions.?”

  1. dave.greg Says:

    I’m not positive, but both tractors will be gear to gear. They have been designed to work the way they work, and no other way!!! Do they have hydralics? if so could you use a hydralic motor to drive the equipment? Sorry I can’t be more help

  2. Rex K Says:

    Except for a few tractors, Live PTOs weren’t available when your tractors were manufactured. Tractor’s like yours do resell very welll..You might consider selling or trading for a tractor that has the feature you need. Not very popular in their days were Olivers & Cockshutts, although both were among the earliest to offer live PTOs.

  3. Keith M Says:

    See Rex K’s answer. I grew up on Cockshutts from late 40s and early 50s.

    The alternative is to put the transmission in neutral, release the clutch, do what needs to be done, then press in the clutch, put it back in gear and go.