IH 1206

NASTY 1206 … 1206 IH tractor pull farmall


8 Responses to “IH 1206”

  1. chopchop1047 Says:

    beasty farmall

  2. ketd9 Says:

    great video love the turbo sound when he backs off the throttle

  3. OzzInter Says:

    The Farmall 1206 with a Narrow Front is rare,
    great to see one!

  4. jr98racer Says:

    thats perty damn coom right there

  5. farmer730g Says:

    i’m impressed, definately some creative people out there with money hehe

  6. trctrfvr Says:

    If you look close, the truck has a belly pan under it. Hydraulic outriggers apply downpressure on the pan as the truck moves forward. Distance is automatically measured by calculating rotation of truck wheel. It’s all controlled by computer in cab. Very nice. North Dakota pulling club – I’m a member.

  7. farmer730g Says:

    how did that pulling rig work? Looked like a Michigan special dirt truck….. did the guy just apply brakes or what?

  8. meatsweat7 Says:

    nice tractor!