Fuel and Start

Use this Link to watch in High Quality… www.youtube.com Adding fuel to the Farmall, and then hand cranking it…. Then I drive off into the wilderness … Farmall Fuel Gas Hand Cranking Crank Drive

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6 Responses to “Fuel and Start”

  1. ptokish Says:

    great videos, 5 *s

  2. ChuckE2009 Says:

    a little more to your left and i coulda caught that 😀

  3. vidman008 Says:

    When I drove it into town to get new tires, I stopped at Chevron to fill it up…… then another time when I went into town for breakfast, I filled it up at the station…… A full tank will last a long time. I’ve never timed it because it would be really hard to do…..

  4. thedekester18 Says:

    Do you every actually fill that all the way up? How long can you go for on a full tank?

  5. vidman008 Says:

    Yeah, it’s rather large…. 17 Gal Tank…..

  6. thedekester18 Says:

    I thought that ladder was going to come right out from under you. That would suck! How big is that fuel tank? It took that entire 5 gallons and probably could have taken more!