Farmall Tractor Parts and Restoration

I’ll be adding to this page a lot, but feel free to add resources below in the comments if you want to share. It all helps!

This page is meant to be a growing and comprehensive resource for Farmall Tractor Parts and Restoration Resources.

Suppliers abound with available parts, both new and old for most if not all models. I’m hoping to get approved as an EBAY affiliate because they have the most resources for you. Please refer to links below to excellent suppliers.

I always shop ebay for things, both new and old. I buy my parts for my Cub there, and I buy lots of other stuff. Make sure you look at the all important feedback score. Most folks are out to help you and give you a great deal.

I like the following sites for most parts
SSB Tractor Parts & Manuals

For general info, check out the following links:

Antique Tractor Store
Tractor Links
Antique Farming