Farmall 706 Dyno Test

I built the 310ci IH German diesel in this tractor for a customer and this is the dyno test to check everything over after a little break in time. I love the sound of this one with the straight pipe..haha! It runs 80 hp with very little smoke…it could make a bit more though with a “minor adjustment”

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13 Responses to “Farmall 706 Dyno Test”

  1. FarmallDoctor Says:

    it’s really heavy!

  2. tpvalley Says:

    what stops dyno itself from spinning round?

  3. FarmallDoctor Says:

    Hello, the 706 used the American, Glow plug start D-282 diesel until November 1, 1966 when they switched to the German 310.
    This one is kind of a hybrid- the rear end is a ’64 model, and the front is a ’67. It originally had the C-263 gas engine and the owner wanted this engine in stead.

  4. kakulzer Says:

    did every 706 diesel have a german engine? or were some diesels american? What year do you reckon that one is?

  5. FarmallDoctor Says:

    Thanks for the compliment! I’ve learned to fine tune the pump timing by ear on these German Diesels.. a half degree will make a big difference with the little Bosch pump.

  6. 730boyce Says:

    You’ve got that pump set and timed just right. You can put that thing on it’s knees and hardly see any smoke if any! Using all the fuel it’s getting. Those are good engines and I am a Deere person!

  7. RickArter Says:

    Sounds amazing.

  8. FarmallDoctor Says:


  9. 67Yellowdog Says:

    So what was the results?

  10. IH1256GUY Says:

    Sounds like our 756 with the German diesel in it. REALLY LOUD!!! Nice vid!!

  11. wgs6969 Says:

    Great video! Sounds sweeeeeeeet. Narrow front end huh?

  12. IHMan1066 Says:

    Sounds really good nice to see a good running german diesel

  13. ketd9 Says:

    Great video that 310 sure sounds good