Farmall 656 Plowing

A Farmall 656 gas tractor spring plowing in March 2009 with a 3 furrow plow.

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8 Responses to “Farmall 656 Plowing”

  1. smith954 Says:

    how many inches are that plow?

  2. indy498 Says:

    i plow a threee furrow plow with my allis chalmers 160 (40hp) not heavy enough though, won’t plow any more then 10 inches deep

  3. SayHiToTheBadGuy Says:

    my grandfather has a 656, that the hours has been maxed out and he still uses it all the time.

  4. rgerryts Says:

    I’m in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. My 656 is gas, and has over 8000hours on it. I’m looking to get a newer machine, but there is no way I’ll trade this one in. I’ll just keep it around for yard pulling and take it out to disc once in a while.

  5. international660 Says:

    Nice 656! I do all my corn planting with mine. looking for a 3 point hitch for it tho.. the seagulls chase me here as well! Where are you located?

  6. av8rcaptain Says:

    great video…looks like you turned over some tasty worms for the birds!

  7. farmallforever Says:

    great video! My uncle has a 666 and it was feeding the cows last week. Always shedded. Had a model of a 966 when I was a kid.

  8. farmallforever Says:

    funny how the seagulls show up when there isn’t a lake for 25 miles?