F 20

My 1938 Farmall F-20 working at the feed mill … Farmall F-20 IH Tractor

4 Responses to “F 20”

  1. Len2inNH Says:

    IF the power takeoff shaft does not have a modern safety shield, it is an invitation to disaster. Lots of people were killed when their clothes used to get caught in unshielded shafts. It is hard to tell if this shaft is protected. Please!

  2. AndyMotteberg Says:

    Very nice!

  3. BradCoffeyJr. Says:

    Just purchased my first F20, glad to see other people still appreciating the beauty of the old red workhorse! Was a pleasure to watch yours work! As for the prior comment about the safety shield, yea they’re good,but it’s a shame to just look for something to down this beautiful tractor over. If it ain’t red, park it in the shed!

  4. ArnoldMiller Says:

    1947 Farmall with hand clutch: Where can I find information about the clutch and a service manual. I want to remove it from the tractor, and don’t want to proceed blind.