Cub disc plow in operation 1

Farmall cub with disc plow in operation … Farmall Cub

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9 Responses to “Cub disc plow in operation 1”

  1. alton2able Says:

    i have chickens that scratch deeper than that.

  2. antibean911 Says:


  3. bofts Says:

    You aint kidding those things are great

  4. CubVideos Says:

    It rotates.

  5. pademodude Says:

    does the disk rotate or is it rigidly mounted to the plow?

  6. johndeereman567 Says:

    i wish i had a little cub tractor to use in my vegetable garden with all the tools. it would save me alot of hand work with a shovel.

  7. eurekaseven4me Says:

    i believe the cultivator is supposed to be slightly off-set towards the right side…so it doesnt leave a strip in between rows…

  8. ptokish Says:

    nice cub

  9. i have some old horse and tractor drawn farm equipment that i would like to sell any ideas on who wants to buy? Says:

    […] Cub disc plow in operation 1 […]