Cold Start

Cold Starting the Farmall on a 36 degree day, then driving off…… In Texas, 36 qualifies as Cold… :-p … Farmall Cold Start Hand Crank Cranking Drive Driving

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13 Responses to “Cold Start”


    I looked up Cedar Parks on google maps, and its only a little bit south east of where I spend alot of my time at. But where your at looks a whole lot more alive lol, my memories are of cotton sand storms and picking cactus out of my legs. I do really like it down there, but I don’t think I could ever stay there more than a month or two

  2. ptokish Says:

    thats a good start for 36, its been about 20 all week here, but today is 30!!, lol and snow, its comeing down out there. we got 4 inchs so far, hopeing for 7 to 9, lol, thats a good running farmall you got there, 2 Cranks and it starts up, nice, my ford will take about 2 to 3 trys at 36 at 5 about 6 to 7 lol, great video, keep them comeing

  3. craig1974 Says:

    Me live in Cudahy, Wisconsin LOL! Yeah we got above freezing last week for a couple days, but otherwise this weather really sucks here. I took advantage of those warmer days to work on my truck.

  4. ChuckE2009 Says:

    what can ya say, its a farmall?? :-)

  5. vidman008 Says:

    nah, runs on regular gas… :o)

  6. vidman008 Says:

    yeah, she does run pretty good… All the ignition parts are new including the entire distributor… I almost never have to give more than 2 cranks…

  7. s172mch Says:

    is it a diesel?

  8. braunzcrx Says:

    Still runs like brand new

  9. thedekester18 Says:

    LOL yep.

  10. vidman008 Says:

    -30 would totally suck…. plus at that temp, everyone is a “girl” since mr. happy vanishes!!!

  11. vidman008 Says:

    I was ONLY wearing long sleeves because there was a chilly breeze blowing, otherwise it would have been a T-shirt…. :-p

  12. thedekester18 Says:

    Cold! Last week it was -30 here. LOL

  13. farmall99 Says:

    We finally got Ron out of a t shirt lol yea 36 qualifies as a cold day in TN too