1952 Farmall Cub

hay yall, This is another RAM TOUGH PRODUCTION. yall are watchin’ a video that I made of my 1952 Farmall Cub(all orginal). If yall got any questions just comment. thank yall fer watchin’ Yall rate, comment, and subscribe thanks

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16 Responses to “1952 Farmall Cub”

  1. Titliest07 Says:

    it will, thats what i do. just throw some on after a rain storm, or you could put it under a tarp with oil on it, thats the best bet

  2. johndeere330 Says:

    that won’t work, will it?

  3. Titliest07 Says:

    squirt some oil on the tin so it wont rust

  4. johndeere330 Says:


  5. allenjanoch Says:

    nice i have a 1949 h and it runs good it is a 5 speed but 5th is out but it is very powerful

  6. johndeere330 Says:


  7. Patman5678 Says:

    lol yeah neither do mine

  8. johndeere330 Says:


    wow, my friend’s don’t even know what song that is. especilly just the intro.

  9. Patman5678 Says:

    nice cub and i loved “Momma Cried too.”

  10. highdeserthater Says:

    ok. it sounded like a gasoline engine but it also sounded governed and ive never seen a governed engine bigger than 3 cylinders unless it wada diesel. well i guess i cant say that now.

    thats cool. i love farmalls and mc mccormicks. it kinda had a dieselish exhaust note too. all my grampas tractors sounded like that and they where all diesels.

  11. johndeere330 Says:

    uh, no, its a 4-cylinder, C-60 gasoline L-head engine. and I figurin’ that IH built the engine.

  12. highdeserthater Says:

    my grampa had a farmall 720 i believe that blew a rod and ran on 5 cylinders after that. thats a nice tractor. that has a diesel engine right? and is it a fordson engine?

  13. johndeere330 Says:

    thank ya!!

  14. edzgarage Says:

    Starts and runs nice!

  15. johndeere330 Says:

    oh, that was my grandfathers 1937 Farmall A

    the engine is stuck right now

  16. johndeereman567 Says:

    good video son, nice tractor. one ? though, what was that one tractor at 4:22 that you were looking straight at from across the driveway by the big tree?